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Paula Campbell musical artist video

Dean Film Works LLC 

We recently produced a music video for Paula Campbell's new single "Good Without You"! Please check out the video on our Facebook page! (Link below)


Download Paula's newest single on iTunes 

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REST STOP - short film (2018)
Dean Film Works LLC is extremely excited to announce that we have been granted a copyright to adapt a screenplay from the Stephen King short story entitled "Rest Stop". Rest Stop is an eighteen page short story from Mr. King's "Just after sunset" collection.  This project is a non-commercial project which will NOT be sold or monetized in any manner. Our cast and crew consist of some extremely talented people that have come together to make this project possible. We are thankful for the love and support that the local Atlanta and surrounding communities have shown us and it has helped to make this project an enjoyable and exciting endeavor for all of us at Dean Film Works LLC! Thank you!
This film project has been filmed and produced around various parts of Northeast Georgia and the greater Atlanta area. We are Georgia natives, and we are proud to call Georgia our home!
You can view our film trailer below on YouTube:
Update: Rest Stop has been entered into multiple film festivals around the world and we have already received various selections and awards in a short period of time! For the latest awards information and details please see the film poster below the link to our trailer. 
As always, thanks for your support and interest!
Stephen King Rest Stop Movie Poster

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